ConocoPhillips Gives Thanks By Donating at BBA this Holiday


ConocoPhillips Partners with Blood Bank of Alaska to Give Thanks and Give Blood this Holiday Season


Anchorage, AK – This holiday season, Blood Bank of Alaska (BBA), in partnership with ConocoPhillips Alaska (ConocoPhillips), is encouraging the community to give thanks by giving blood during the holidays to save lives.  On November 21, 2017, ConocoPhillips is providing Thanksgiving cookies for donors at the Anchorage Main Center located at 1215 Airport Heights.  The executive leadership team of ConocoPhillips is donating blood that morning, to help ensure that patients in need have necessary blood and blood products this holiday. It is estimated that one out of every three Alaskans, or one of their close family members, will require the services of Blood Bank of Alaska at one point in their lives.

“We know it’s often a challenge to find time to donate during this busy time of year, and this can result in a shortage over the holidays. I hope you will join me and my colleagues as we launch this holiday season by giving blood,” said Joe Marushack, president ConocoPhillips Alaska. “The invaluable services of the Blood Bank of Alaska are something we can all be thankful for. Along with the generosity of volunteer blood donors, this new facility is helping to ensure that life-saving services are available at any time, under any circumstance, to all Alaskans.”

ConocoPhillips supported Blood Bank of Alaska throughout the construction of the new BBA headquarters.  This central location serves 21 hospitals across the state and ensures the safety and potency of the blood supply.  The leadership team of ConocoPhillips will present Blood Bank of Alaska with their final donation of $500,000, bringing the total donation amount to $3 million. ConocoPhillips also supports Blood Bank of Alaska by hosting numerous blood drives at its workplace. ConocoPhillips Blood Drives have collected more than 1,500 units of life-saving blood, with the potential to help as many as 4,599 Alaska patients in need.

“Blood Bank of Alaska is deeply honored to have the support of ConocoPhillips.  They have continuously supported the community through their efforts.” noted Bob Scanlon, CEO of Blood Bank of Alaska.

The blood collected at Blood Bank of Alaska helps patients impacted by trauma, heart surgery, cancer treatment, child birth and more.  There is no substitute for blood.  A car accident victim can need 50 units of blood to recover from their injuries and some cancer patients need eight units a week during treatment.  The BBA facility brings new opportunities to diversify services and expand care for Alaska patients.  The building includes an expanded 12,400 square foot laboratory space, which is positioned to serve as a reference lab and will increase the capacity for the cellular therapy division of Blood Bank of Alaska.