Help Fund Expanded Laboratory Services in Alaska

Every day blood donors make a difference for patients in need. Ensuring a safe and potent blood supply to save lives is our mission. Help further expand our laboratory services by donating to our Gofundme campaign. Additional lab services will expedite the testing process and help those in need. Thank you for your support. Blood Bank of Alaska has served local hospitals since 1962.


Blood Bank of Alaska (BBA) is the only blood bank located in Alaska. Our team works with volunteer blood donors in Alaska to save lives every day.  Serving the community since 1962, our blood bank has grown with the needs of Alaska’s hospitals and patients.  The continuous changes in medical technology, coupled with the unique location of the communities we serve means that our team must expand our laboratory facilities to provide in-state testing of all blood and blood products.

Your donation can make the difference during an emergency response situation in Alaska.  This laboratory expansion will increase response time and improve the overall safety of the blood supply during our time of need.  You never know when you or a loved one might need this precious gift. Support patients in our state by expanding the current laboratory services at 1215 Airport Heights.

Join us today by donating to help our neighbors from Barrow to Ketchikan.  Our goal is to raise the necessary funds in 2018. All funds donated will support this project and the necessary operational support.

Patients like Sonny, Jacob, Stephanie, Bill, Bob, Tim and hundreds more have been saved due to the generosity of blood donors.  Help achieve our mission and expand the lab for Alaska.