Donors Needed Today: Save a Life!

Dear Blood and Platelet Donors,


I hope my communication finds you well. I am writing to ask for your support once again.

Summer is always a tough time of year for us. It is also a time of heavy usage. Folks are out

camping and generally enjoying the bounty that is Alaska. That means it is tougher to collect

lifesaving blood and platelets. This year has been especially rough with an incredible fishing

season, fires, and a number of other activities going on in the state which are keeping people

very busy. We need you! We need your lifesaving donation. If you are a dedicated donor and are eligible, we

ask that you please make time to donate as soon as possible. If you are thinking about donating,

now is the time your donation will make a huge impact. We ask a lot of you we know.


But if you do not donate, who will? We ask for your help and thank you for your support.


Robert Scanlon, CEO, BBA