Platelet Donors Needed

The summer months can see increased usage of all types of blood products.  We are currently in need of additional platelet donors throughout the summer and especially prior to the 4th of July holiday.  If you have time to donate platelets, please let us know and call 907-222-5630.

Platelets help stop bleeding by allowing the blood to form clots.  This is important for many types of patients.  The platelets are only good for 5 days, which is why it is also important to collect platelets as often as possible.

Not every blood donor can become a platelet donor.  To learn more asked a staff member about platelets and how you can join the hundreds of platelet donors that save lives in Alaska.  The process takes about two hours and can help multiple patients.


June 15 to July 5 platelet donors will earn 500 bonus points when they donate.  Thank you for your support.