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Autologous Blood Service –  Therapeutic Blood Service –

Autologous Blood Donation

What is Autologous Donation?

Autologous procedure allows you to donate blood to yourself prior to an upcoming operation, with physician approval.  It is up to your physician to determine if this donation is necessary.  A written request must be completed prior to your surgery by your doctor and submitted to Blood Bank of Alaska.  Once received Blood Bank of Alaska will contact you to schedule a donation.  All paperwork must be complete in order to proceed.

Click here to download the form.  Autologous Request Form

Click here to download information. Autologous Patient/Donor Information

These appointments are usually scheduled one week apart.  All autologous donations must be complete at least three business days prior to your surgery.

Testing is done on the blood that is collected for infectious disease, such as HIV and hepatitis. Positive results are reported in writing to you, your doctor, the medical director of the hospital transfusion service and others as required by law.

All collections gathered via autologous donations are for your specific use only and are not released to the community if it is not transfused by you.

Therapeutic Procedure Blood Donation

What is Therapeutic Procedure Donation?

Therapeutic procedures are used to treat diseases characterized by the body’s excess production of red blood cells or excess levels of iron (hemochromatosis) or heme by-products.  You MUST be prescribed by a physician to have this procedure.  Once the physician request is received, Blood Bank of Alaska will call to schedule your appointment based on the physician instructions.  Physicians must provide:  patient information, diagnosis, schedule of phlebotomy and minimum acceptable hematocrit level.

Click here to download the therapeutic physician request form

Unlike all other donations there is no testing done on the blood that is collected, as it is not available for transfusion at anytime. Payment is due at time of service.


PLEASE CALL (907) 222-5673 and/or 222-5646.