Support BBA & Pick.Click.Give. Before June 17th

Supporting Blood Bank of Alaska with your Pick.Click.Give. donation can help save a life in Alaska.  Providing access to life-saving blood and blood products ensures that patients have access to the treatments they need.  This year Blood Bank of Alaska began convalescent plasma collection to combat the Covid-19 virus in our community.  The plasma from recovered Covid-19 patients is currently a treatment option available for those struggling to recover from the virus.

Your donations make this possible.  Please consider donating to Blood Bank of Alaska via Pick.Click.Give before June 17, 2020.  Thank you for supporting our organization and our community.

Are you eligible to donate blood?  Please call us today to schedule your appointment 907-222-5630.

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We are currently in need of donors, your next eligible donation date is Call 907- 222 -5630 to schedule an appointment.  Click here to schedule online. 

It is safe to donate blood. We support the CDC recommendation to wear face masks, but donors are not required to wear a mask.  We have masks available for you at area centers.  Thank you for donating.


There is no substitute for blood and patients count on donors like you to make the difference.