Thank You for Your Holiday Donations

Thank you for your support and response to our recent blood needs.  Your donations have made the difference for hospital patients across the state. A note from the CEO, Robert Scanlon.


Dear Whole Blood & Platelet Donor,


I write you today to say Thank You! Thank you for your attention, your time, your dedication. Thank you for donating lifesaving blood!

When I wrote you last week, the blood center was in the process of ensuring that enough blood was on the shelves during the July 4th holiday, both here at the blood bank and at each of the Alaska hospitals we serve. Your response to our request was overwhelming and so greatly appreciated.

Thank you for caring, thank you for your generosity, thank you for ensuring the well-being of our local communities and our beloved State of Alaska; Thank you! You never know when blood will be needed, and it is why having a ready blood supply is so vital to our community.  Thank you for demonstrating such a genuine commitment to your fellow Alaskans, and helping our blood center assure a safe and adequate blood supply.

Blood donations are needed every day and we encourage people to continue to visit our donor centers and mobile collection vehicles. One in three Alaskans need blood in their lifetime. Thousands and thousands of Alaskans over our 55 year history owe their lives to people like you…blood donors…people they will never meet…people who donate their blood because they understand, it’s not about me…it’s about them, it’s about families, and the well-being of our Alaskan community. Thank you again!


In Appreciation and Thanks

with Kindest Regards,




Bob Scanlon

Chief Executive Officer