Fourth of July Message from CEO

Hello Blood Bank of Alaska Donor(s) and Supporter(s)-

It is wonderful to write you once again. As you know, we have a very significant holiday coming up soon. Personally, it is my favorite holiday. Independence Day! Also known as the 4th of July, or just July 4th. I can’t help but write to share some of my thoughts on this important day of remembrance, and celebration. From 1776, to the present day, for 246 years, July 4th has been celebrated as the birth of American Independence with the publishing of the Declaration of Independence.

We celebrate our Declaration of Independence for two reasons. First, it represents the official undoing of the onerous ties between the original 13 colonies of what is now the United States of America, and the rule of Great Britain, the most important and powerful nation (Empire) of the age. To give context, there pretty much wasn’t anywhere in the world you could travel at that time (18th Century) without feeling the British presence; or seeing the Union Jack flying overhead on some passing ship.

So, the fact that the people of thirteen colonies in North America decided, had the courage, to call it quits with the British Empire is a big deal. The author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, eloquently intertwined in the Declaration a rich mosaic of facts, reflections, and grievances articulately presented to the then King of Great Britain, George III. The rest is history.

Second, by any stretch of the imagination, no one outside of those Colonies thought the Colonists had a chance of successfully standing against the might of the British Empire. The Colonists may have been done with Britain, but Britain was not done with her colonies. Our nation, unlike most of the English-speaking world, was not given independence and the freedom of self-determination. Our people banded together for the first time as Americans, and claimed their freedom through grit, courage, sacrifice and force of arms. America is the invention of the common man and woman.

This high-risk venture of declared Independence, the struggle and sacrifice that ensued has resulted in the creation of the richest, most powerful, and most free nation that has ever existed upon the earth at any time, a great light, that shines like a beacon in a world that would otherwise be dark and pitiless.

As citizens of this great nation, that birth right of Liberty has been handed down to you and me. In my mind, there is no greater title than to be called “American Citizen”. This special day (4th of July) represents the core of our beliefs as a nation, the very makeup of our uniqueness as citizens of the United States of America.

So, I wish each of you as my fellow Americans, a very Happy Birthday! Have a great day off on the Fourth, please take time to reflect on all those Americans who have come before, and please be safe during your festivities. Know that we at the Blood Bank of Alaska will be on the job should you need us, thanks to your support.

Happy 4th of July,


Bob Scanlon

Chief Executive Officer