Hero Program

Your donations save lives and you are a hero for our community.  As a blood donor, you can enjoy our hero store rewards when you login to the Donor Connection program. Earn points when you donate and shop the store for fun items such as hats, shirts and more.

To login in all you need is your Donor ID. If you don’t know your Donor ID, call us at 907-222-5630 or email herodonors@bbak.org. Follow the easy directions to create your account in Donor Connection.

Not sure how many points you have?  It is easy to find out!

Once logged into Donor Connection your hero rewards are listed.  If you have questions contact HeroDonors@bbak.org or call 222-5630 for assistance.

Hero points are updated every 48 hours, so please allow a few days for new donations to be recorded.

Download the Mobile App to access your account information:

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Hero Donor