Join Blood Bank of Alaska’s Mission

Every day it is up to our volunteer blood donors to provide the blood supply needed in Alaska to keep our communities safe.  The mission is simple, help Alaska patients receive blood in their time of need.

In Alaska we face many challenges such as climate, terrain and nature at its’ best and worst.  Blood Bank of Alaska is here to make sure that all Alaskans from Barrow to Kotzebue to the Kenai have access to a sufficient blood supply when it is needed.

Blood banking is an evolving field.  It is imperative that we continuously keep up with medical research and disease prevention to ensure blood is available with no health risk.  That is why Blood Bank of Alaska follows all FDA guidelines and provides state of the art blood processing for the residents of Alaska.

We cannot do it without you – our donors and supporters. 

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1. Become a blood donor – the easiest way to help in our mission is to become a blood donor yourself. The process is simple and in most cases takes less than one hour to complete.  Click here to learn more.

2. Set up a blood drive in your community – You can organize blood drives in your community in just a few steps. To find out more about this contact our mobile drives unit at 222 -5630 or click here to read more.

3. Make a financial donation – Blood Bank of Alaska conducts 400 mobile blood drives every year and collects more than 22,000 units of whole blood for our state.  It is necessary to request financial donations to maintain our LIFEmobiles and help with the expenses of our blood collection process. Blood Bank of Alaska has embarked on a campaign to build a new facility in the Anchorage area to ensure that our states blood supply remains safe, as the population grows. Please consider a financial contribution to support this project. Click here to learn more.

4. Advocate for blood donation in Alaska – some individuals are unable to donate due to health, age or other reasons.  Spreading the message about the value of blood donation can create powerful results.  Many potential donors do not realize how important blood donation is. They may never have thought about the patients that need this priceless gift.  They may never have realized how little time it really takes.  They may never have known the feeling of connection that blood donation gives.  If you know someone who has not donated previously, sharing the importance of blood donation can help our mission.

5. Tell your story – Blood Bank of Alaska feels that most powerful story, is that of the donor and recipient.  If you would like to share your story with us and the community please contact Communications at We welcome all individuals who are willing to share a part of their lives with us.

Thank you for taking the time to consider blood donation Blood Bank of Alaska. You make the difference, they count on it.