Pirate Pub Crawl 2021 Raises Funds for Blood Bank of Alaska

The Annual Pirate Pub Crawl took place in September and was a great success.  This marked 12 years of support from the community and amazing blood donors.  Thank you for all of the hard work of those involved in this effort.

From the Pirate Pub Crawl team:

Thank you to all who participated and to all who donated, both individuals, groups and pubs. These are special times and we know you had more things to factor in to making this decision than in the past, so we are humbled by your participation and this act of piratical kindness.
Thank you to 49th State Brewing Co., The Avenue Bar, The Broken Blender, Fletchers, Gaslight Lounge, Mad Myrna’s and Williwaw Social for manning their posts during these stormy times and keeping this Pirate tradition sailing forward. In addition to these outstanding pubs, we want to thank, Captain Morgan (Odom Corp – Pacific Wine and Spirits) Value Village, Brown Jug and Party World for their unwavering support – what an awesome crew to have for an event like this.
And let us not forget to raise our tankards in celebration to the Pirate Super Group, Rogues & Wenches who went above and beyond this year to raise more funds than any other participant in 2021. You are awesome.