Thank You to Our Donors: World Health Day

April 7th, 2021

A Letter to Blood Bank of Alaska Donors, from Bob Scanlon, CEO, Blood Bank of Alaska


Dear Blood Bank of Alaska Blood, Plasma and Platelet Donor,

It is hard to believe we are already into April of 2021. Break-up is around the corner if not underway. Soon, the leaves will pop, birds will be busy with their songs of summer, and squirrels will be scurrying about in preparation for winter, again.

As I look back on the last year, we as a community of Alaskans were challenged in many ways. Each of us adapted and overcame. Each of you, in your essential positions within the community, kept our beloved Alaska functioning. Ships and barges continued to dock, store shelves continued to be stocked, electricity and phone service hummed without interruption, roads were kept cleared of snow or debris, the beat was patrolled, the EMT call responded too, the airman or soldier kept their lonely post, and so many other things were done each day and night and around the clock to ensure the community that is Alaska, stayed whole and viable.

I thank each of you for doing what you did through this last year of 2020, and still to this day as we move forward out of the pandemic. You make it possible for my family, and many other families and individuals across Alaska, to live and contribute to building and sustaining our State through difficult times.

Aside from each of you doing the essential work you do, you also made time to do something extra in service to others. You donned your coat, and trekked to a Blood Bank of Alaska site in Fairbanks, Mat-Su, Juneau or Anchorage, rolled up your sleeve and donated life-saving blood, plasma or platelets. You made a point of going out into the unknown of the pandemic to help others.

Through your courage and dedication, you saved lives during a particularly difficult time for our country and community. I sincerely thank you for your selfless generosity and commitment in helping your fellow Alaskan. I know I speak for the Blood Bank of Alaska when I say you have our deepest gratitude for your continued support, generosity and well-wishes. We are very proud and privileged to serve wonderful donors like you.

Thank you, and Stay well!


Bob Scanlon

Chief Executive Officer