Tim Benintendi Named Emeritus Board Member

Tim Benintendi is recognized as having been an engaged and enthusiastic member of the board of directors, having served from 2008 to 2020. He is a lifetime blood donor of over 30 gallons, 21 of which have been donated through Blood Bank of Alaska (BBA).


He was recruited for service on the board of directors to establish a fundraising committee and work with the State of Alaska for appropriations in support of the capital campaign for a new blood center.  To these ends, he singly brought in the first two state appropriations; $350,000 for a feasibility study and $4.6 million which provided for the purchase of BBA’s new facility site.  In anticipation of a multi-year capital campaign, Tim led the hiring by the board of a leading professional lobbyist to assist with subsequent approaches to the Legislature and the Governor.  Throughout the capital campaign, he managed all team activities regarding state solicitations.  The eventual participation by the state amounted to $33.15 million.

During the capital campaign which ran from 2008 to 2015, he also solicited funds from the community at large, appearing before over 1,500 citizens and raising another $181,000.

He served two terms as Chairman, two terms as Vice Chair, two terms as Secretary, and five terms in the Executive Committee’s At-Large position.  Other positions held include Building Committee (5 years), By-Laws Committee (4 years, including as Chair), CEO Search Committee (1 year), Finance Committee (4 years), Fund Development Committee (8 years including as Chair), and Nominating Committee (4 years including as Chair).

Tim Benintendi achieved other notable accomplishments, including leading the board to engage in a cellular therapy program with the late Dr. David McGuire, MD, local orthopedist, and a physician who eventually became a member of the board of directors.

Throughout his board service, Tim kept focus on the public image of BBA, initiated public awareness activities, and engaged in raising the profile of BBA in rural Alaska.

Being among the most productive board fundraisers during the capital campaign and continuing to raise funds for various internal programs, he has personally accounted for over $5.2 million raised during his 11-year period of board service.

In view of his superior record of vision, commitment, and productivity, Tim Benintendi is recognized as Board Member Emeritus of Blood Bank of Alaska.


Mr. Marc Bond, JD

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Blood Bank of Alaska

June 22nd, 2021