We Need Your Help: Donate Today

Alaskans pride themselves on their way of life. The stereotype of the rugged Alaskan, self-reliant, tough, and free spirited is on the mark. We live here in the great state of Alaska because we enjoy and appreciate the scenery and wildlife, the opportunities for outdoor life, as well as good times with our fellow Alaskans. When it comes down to it, it is about freedom.

Alaskans are different, no doubt about it. All you have to do is live here for a time, and then head to the Lower 48 to realize the truth of that.

Alaskans are resilient, tough and caring. When the chips are down, they are first to offer a hand and help carry the pack.

There is a lot going on right now in the media. There is nowhere you can turn without hearing someone in the media overreacting for some reason or other, the most recent being Covid. It all leaves you wondering if you are doing enough to protect yourself, and your family. After listening to all the noise, you may be unsure of how to move forward to ensure a sense of safety. Staying together as a community is so important.

Now is the time we need each other most. Now is the time for self-reliance to kick-in; now is the time for Alaskan values to move to the forefront. It is not a time of every man for himself. It is a time for us to care for the needs of our respective families and our greater Alaskan family as well.

That’s right, I am asking you to keep the blood supply in mind. Greater than any virus, the threat of blood and blood products not being on the shelf in your time of need is a far greater threat. Each of us in this state are dependent on the same blood supply. If you do not donate, that means there is no blood.

There is no blood for the cancer patient, the trauma patient, which could be someone you know, the mother who has complications during child birth. There is no blood for you, or your loved ones. Blood is used every single day in this state. It is a sure thing blood is being transfused somewhere in the State of Alaska.

You know as well as I that being a blood donor is so important to help those in need. Please, donate! You will be assuring lifesaving blood is available for us all. It is one of the most important and selfless contributions you can make in this life.

We implore you, your friends and every eligible blood donor in the State of Alaska, donate blood, donate now, and donate when you are eligible again. These are no ordinary times. It is about character and what is important to you as a human being.

Saving lives and ensuring blood is available for you, your loved ones and neighbors’ means making time to donate. We at Blood Bank of Alaska thank you for your life-saving gift and the patients you impact. There is no substitute for blood, please donate today!


Thank you,

Robert Scanlon, CEO

Blood Bank of Alaska